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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Inner Chi: Astrology Inspired Archetypal Peace Movement

"There are some of us who don't accept the dreams of dragons as their own, no matter how grand those dragons say they are.  Yes, there are some who refuse to drop the candle even when they are pushed into a dark cave and locked behind a stone . . . There is, you might recall, a kind of serious study that will give you the confidence to strike your match to the mighty wick; that will illuminate yet another portion of the darkness."


Be at peace, friends.  Be of good courage. Be not deceived by fear. Light a candle and share it with the world, whatever it is. Love. Find your bliss, and explore your Inner Chi.
Practicing movements like these will bring a sense of harmony and inner peace into your physical/mental/emotional body and provide a wonderful sense of well-being.  
Tai Chi as moving meditation is one form of my own bliss and light to share with my external world. This is a short series (about 12 minutes) of some of my favorite tai chi, qigong, and astrological tai chi movements I've practiced and taught for about 12 years now. In deep gratitude to my own teachers - masters Mingtong Gu, Daniel Lally, and Scott Cole.  

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