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Thursday, June 11, 2015

This unique soul mandala became a study of time and space

Those who have had a NDE (Near Death Experience) have essentially stared both death (and life) in the face - and on some level - transcended it. If you ever looked into it you know that their stories all carry common themes, experiences, and afterward - transformations. It is my belief that there is a lot to learn from those who have been to these 'other realms'. This art piece in the form of a soul mandala/dream scape is my attempt to capture (at least insofar as a glimpse can do that) of the soul story, beauty, and unique life expression of a woman who died (temporarily) on an operating table in Denver in 1983. I feel that lives like hers offer us deep insight and tremendous perspective into the nature of time, our experience of living, and our total relationship with life itself.

This most recently completed soul mandala very much turned out more like a soul dream scape or landscape. It's a description of her experience with time and multi-dimensional nature that is not easy to put into words with description, but I'll try....
I took my time on this fascinating study of this individuals' sequence of her encouragement. We allowed the insights to unfold over many months, in fact, as we unpeeled the layers together. Conversations, consultations, multiple astrology readings, numerology calculations, archetypal investigation.... In her introduction to me she shared experiences I very much could relate to - going through a Near Death Experience and emerging as something new, modified, or altered on the other side of it. "Walk in" was the term she used to explain this new state of a soul that had taken the place or joined forces with the previous one, with the ultimate aim of fulfilling or completing her soul contract. I knew I was dealing with a very special situation here that would take my absolute best efforts to even attempt to adequately represent it. In my work I regularly call in my spirit guides to lead the steps of creation. This isn't always an intentional act, but often occurs spontaneously when the proper conditions and settings are met. Pretty simple really - 'tuning' into those 'channels' - distractions + remaining open with a capital 'O'. Presence and mindfulness - and this is exactly what was required in order to honor this special situation. I refused to fail at this beautiful opportunity, so here it is for you to see after countless hours of contemplation and creation. Hopefully I have done it some degree of justice.
The interpretation that came about from this deep study is further evidence in my view, that our lives are not linear, or even singular - but cyclical, multi-dimensional, even simultaneous. There are points of intersection, of overlap, where - at least in my own perception of Truth - we may open up to the idea that we very well may even be assisting our future and past selves in any given moment. Quantum physics and recent discoveries give us every indication and reason to believe and work with this possibility. Hopefully you take a moment to consider how this might work in your own life.
So I was confronted with this dilemma - how in {this} world would I be able to depict this phenomenon or personal insight, having seen, read, and felt it (for this person specifically) now?
Finally the image hit for me - descending down through my brain into my eyes and projecting out onto an initial large sketch. This would be a timeless realm, with portals reflecting the destination of the two souls I will refer to as "h" and "P". They wouldn't be 'just' destinations, but also entrance points to these lives, parallel (and shared) paths and existences. Their respective astrology charts ascend out of a multi-tiered matrix representing the cyclical, interconnected nature of her lives and of life in general.
The overall setting and location I designed is to represent this place between spaces where souls decide to contract and enter respective worlds, existences...
The Pleides constellation is both in the sky, and reflected in the entrances to each of these lives/portals. The Pleiades, as she had described, is her home - and I'm reinforcing and reflecting that because she does in fact have constellation Taurus on her IC (home, family, ancestry, spiritual DNA) in her natal chart, so I (personally) see that feeling/perception/knowing as entirely plausible and likely. At the very least this would indicate that she have brought in (incarnated with) DNA from that star system.
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Virgo - all clearly important and pivotal archetypal expressions on her respective journey. Yet the details (even her multiple incarnations of names that came through the respective events that led to a shared soul contract experience) didn't ultimately matter much to her - as a week 4 Pisces sun sign - this is not the least bit surprising -- her connection to the experience of life is much more universal, much more unattached to outcome or even the body she inhabits. She has a beautiful relationship to the impermanence of life.

This is a deeply sensitive soul tuned in to mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. She feels and understands Gaia in a rather uncommon way, to a rather uncommon degree. Her (volunteer) work, in part, encompasses sitting with the lives at their final breaths - easing their transition to the next realms, worlds. She is a perfect example of the 'all is one' principle. She embodies the wisdom that there is truly no separation between all things or beings. She has much to teach us....and fortunate are those who have had ears to listen and eyes to see. Pay attention my friends, there are angels walking among us who incarnate purely with the intention of helping in the evolution - and might even have forgotten to allow themselves the gifts they have earned in the process. Please look for, recognize, and honor them. I invite you to give them some of the love back that they so generously offer the planet as a whole as well as in their immediate environments.